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Adequately designed fishways mitigate the negative effects of barriers in rivers, restoring longitudinal connectivity.

To do so, they must present suitable hydraulic conditions, with velocity and turbulence fields adequate for multiple fish species.

In the present study, numerical modelling was used to compare the hydrodynamics of two widely used vertical slot fishways (VSF) configurations and three multi slot fishway (MSF) configurations.

The MSF configuration needs a lower discharge to operate than the VSF, while keeping similar flow depths, which is vital in regions where water availability is limited, such as most Mediterranean regions.

By reducing the discharge, the velocity, turbulent kinetic energy, and Reynolds shear stress values in the studied MSF configurations are much lower than the values for VSF configurations.

Thus, besides requiring smaller discharges than similar VSF geometries, the MSF additionally could be less selective for fish species, particularly smaller-sized individuals, and individuals with weaker swimming capacities, and a better option for a multiple-species fishway.

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